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Longhorn and NTFS RAW filesystem shocker

Monday, February 26th, 2007

If you use Longhorn then you might come across with a rather disturbing situation whereby your NTFS formatted drives on other OSes like Windows XP will not have their filesystem recognised and instead will be marked as RAW – it is a shocker really that has no excuse whatsoever: thankfully it is possible to recover from this situation by just changing letter of the drive (it won’t get auto assigned), after that Longhorn mounts disk just fine. Say thanks for this solution to Corey Gouker, when I had this problem first time I just bricked it and promptly put disk back into XP machine where it was originally formatted. It appears that this “New Technology” File System has not actually been designed to be easily moved between machines, perhaps Microsoft should spend less money on developing rubbish like annoying paper clip and get on with solving the real problems like this one!