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Adaptec 52445 (5 series) and Seagate 2Tb Barracuda LP does not work either

Friday, July 31st, 2009

I had high hopes that Adaptec 52445 will at least work with new Seagate 2 TB disk, but I should have known better – the controller (with the latest available firmware) does NOT see the disk at all. I’ve seen 10 dollar disk adapters have better compatibility than this overpriced crock of steaming (very hot processor used in it!) hardware.

New server uses Areca ARC-1231-ML and it works perfectly with all disks even Samsung F1 that do have known compatibility issues (they don’t work in Adaptec 52445 either, but that I expected).

Just how bad is Adaptec? Consider that back in April 2009 when I had 10 new Western Digital 2 TB disks on my hands, support claimed they only plan to test them in May because disks were not yet available! My suggestion to post them disk was not accepted (or even properly considered). Guess what Adaptec? You just lost on a fair few near future sales of rather expensive disk controllers.

And how about having manually going to turtle-slow BIOS options that make you “initialize”, which is a crazy term when it relates to new disk with data on it, so that it can be seen by Adapter even if it is a simple JBOD kind of disk that is seen instantly in Areca without any effort. Or any ten dollar controller that does not make you bend over backwards in order to see simple disk (without any RAID features) in OS.

Conclusion: NEVER buy Adaptec, go for Areca. I have not tried 3Ware, because better the devil you know (Areca is not perfect, that’s why we tried Adaptec adapter), but they do appear to have issue with JBOD mode, which made that controller essentially useless for us.

Any purchases of Adaptec hardware are now officially banned in our company.