.NET 2.0 high memory usage in 64-bit mode

A few of our fairly complex applications appear to use a LOT more memory when run on 64-bit Longhorn system – at least 50% more, or even 75-100% when compared to same data being processed on 32-bit system. This is rather annoying as it seems to defeat the purpose of expanding memory from 2 GB to 4 GB, and what’s worse this high wastage makes it hard to use consumer grade Quad cores as too little memory left per core. There seems to be very little information on the topic – looks like adoption rates for 64-bit .NET systems are fairly low and those who happen to come across with these issues keep it mum, hence this blog post which hopefully will attract attention of those who experience this problem.

It is obvious that pointer size is double in 64-bit mode, however this particular application tends to deal with primitive value types (ie: int[], long[], byte[]) that have no pointers to them, though a lot of created and disposed small byte[] arrays might be the reason.

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