Feeding the greys

Hungry grey squirrel Squirrels are very cute animals and I always liked them, perhaps probably because my native city was in the middle of woods and there were lots of red squirrels there, very friendly too – they would eat from your hand, an amazing experience for a child, even though parents were not impressed with squirrels getting into the house and stealing all nuts :)

In the UK there are lots of squirrels too, even though locals do not seem to particularly rate them highly – perhaps because grey squirrels are actually alien species that invaded British Isles and driven off cute local red squirrels. But while I too prefer red squirrels, the greys are also very cute – unfortunately I never managed to get them to eat from my hands, until yesterday that is :)

The recipe for success is:

  1. Very hungry grey squirrel
  2. An extra tasty piece of white bread
  3. Lot’s of patience not to move in any direction while being sitted waiting for the darn squirrel to be brave enough to move one foot more to take bread from your hand!

The awesome picture of a squirrel above was used with kind permission given by Sarah & Lindsey, you can see more of the fluffy ones on their Grey Squirrel Web Page :)

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  1. alexc Says:

    Sarah & Lindsey passed this comment:

    Just quickly. Grey squirrels didn’t drive off the reds. It was man who
    did that by hunting them and destroying their habitat. Grey squirrels
    took over abandoned nests, and where there were both types, managed to
    out-survive reds, as greys are bigger and hardier.

    Secondly DO NOT feed squirrels bread. It is VERY bad for them. They love
    nuts, but not too many peanuts as they are toxic in large quantities. In
    fact NEVER feed any wildlife WHITE bread.

    alexc: So that’s brown bread for the ducks and hard nuts for squirrels!

  2. janet honess Says:

    Eeeek – a grey squirrel arrived to-day – hanging by his tail he managed to devour most of the food in the bird feeder – still hungry – very cute. Have put out nuts which he loves – what else should one feed him/her?

  3. alexc Says:

    Hello Janet! :)

    I now use around 10 different types of nuts for squirrels in the park that I tamed to take them out of my hand :)

    They seem to love roasted peanuts in shell (not salted!) as it gives their sharp teeth some good workout! Some people seem to say that raw peanuts are not good for squirrels, so I switched to roasted, plus they love wallnuts – when these are in a shell they run away with them to hide, probably because they think huge nut is a big treasure! :)

    They also love pistachio nuts, they seem to eat all the nuts I give them actually :)

  4. Cammie Says:

    Thank God I read this before I went and got some bread from my kitchen to feed the cute small grey squirrel who’s been burying his food stash in my front lawn :D
    I had no idea until I watched him dig up a large nut, bless him, despite seeing him at around the same time for a few weeks. I was going to give him some bread but decided to google whether it was safe or not first as I don’t want to harm the little guy.
    So it’s a case of buying a big bag of nuts from the petstore, especially for him :)
    I had a grey squirrel that I nicknamed Buddy who used to sit on my open window and actually take a biscuit right out if my hand. I missed him so much when I moved house.

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