Award BIOS secrets or how to get full 4 GB of RAM

You may come across with a very annoying situation whereby your otherwise nice system won’t show more than 3.5 GB of RAM even though you have got 4 GB installed, or even more – granted you need a good 64-bit system to take advantage of that memory in the first place, but if BIOS won’t allow OS to see that memory then you will lose half a gig or more.

The trick is to use “H/w hole mapping” option and set it to Enabled in Award BIOS: this is present in Frequency/Voltage control submenu…only after you press secret key combination to show this option in the first place – Ctrl-Shift-F1, this the case on all of my NForce4 motherboards with AMD X2 CPUs. Information about solution to this problem is rather scarce, so I thought to post it here, enjoy your full 4 GB of RAM! :)

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