Adaptec 52445 (5 series) is officially S**T

Installed Areca 1280ML with 24 ports into the same SuperMicro 4U chassis – there was 0.0001% chance that it was cables, PCI Express slot that were causing incompatibilities but now it is conclusively proven that it was the Adaptec card.

New card (Areca) perfectly with all the disks that were not recognised by Adaptec 52445 – this card is so s**t that my conscience prevents me from selling it to anyone (other than Adaptec), I just can’t bear a thought of people suffering it – so we’ve got something special in mind for this darned card: stay tuned – we will make an example of this card…

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  1. Maarten Says:

    I’ve had a single experience with a >4 port Adaptec controller, and that was the last one I’ve ever handled; it kept marking perfectly good disks as failed, at one time removing three disks from a RAID-6 array, trashing all data on it…

    Since we’ve replaced it with an Areca controller, there has only been a single drive failure in over a year, using the exact same drives!

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